Lockdown has seen a boost in gamers playing Spotify whilst they play, so what are they listening to? Spotify reveals.

Spotify have shared that gamers are listening to more music through their streaming app on Xbox and Playstation in recent weeks. Their specially created video game playlists have been streamed 41% more in the last month as people on lockdown pick up their controllers and stick on the tunes.

Interestingly their report shows that people are streaming especially more in the mornings. Gamers have been getting up and playing music from 6 to 9 more than usual between March 16th and April 12th – I can’t say I’m part of that crowd!

Who are they listening to though? Well, Billie Eilish is the most popular female artist on consoles with Spotify noting that her big track ‘ilomilo’ was inspired by a computer game. Lil Uzi Vert takes the top spot for male artists who have been streamed recently.

Spotify launched their console apps a few years back and let gamers stream from the app whilst they’re playing any game at the same time. They’ve launched loads of playlists specifically to game to which have been loved by streamers on games consoles.

Check out a highlight of the last month in console music streaming on Spotify: