You don’t need to release major label records to get heard around the world on the biggest platforms when you upload your music for free with RouteNote.

Once upon a time, the only way an artist could find listeners in countries all across the globe was with the support of a big record label pushing records out of the pressing plant and into record shops. Even with independent labels like Warp Records, artists require a big profile before they will see you. Big labels like Interscope Records only snatch up a tiny percentage of the artists who are actually making music. 

But the music industry has transformed in recent years and record labels are no longer the gatekeepers to success.

At RouteNote, we provide a solution for artists and independent, smaller labels alike to release their music around the world on their own terms. We work with all of the biggest music services, including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, Amazon, Tencent, YouTube, TikTok and many more.

We offer Free Distribution to artists everywhere because we don’t believe that reaching listeners should come at a price in this new digital music economy. Artist’s songs earn money with every stream and every download, keeping 85% of all of their earnings.

We also offer Premium Distribution at a small upfront cost that allows artists who are expecting to earn a lot from their music to keep 100% of the money their music makes. 

Our platform is built to put the power in the hands of the artists so that they are in control of exactly how and where they release their music. Our in-depth statistics offer full streaming figures and download data from every store so that artists and labels can analyse their performance and track how they are being listened to.

So if you’re an independent creator or a small label looking for a solution to get out into the world and reach audiences everywhere then sign up to RouteNote for free and begin your music journey.