Image credit: Facebook

Facebook have made some big updates to their video players on Facebook to enhance the experience for viewers no matter the content.

Facebook videos has been a messy place. Since the platform allows vertical and horizontal videos of different lengths, it can be an inconsistent viewing experience. Facebook have updated their fullscreen player for a consistent design for all video lengths.

The new player brings a full screen mode for horizontal videos and a slider that lets users skip around longer videos. Tapping on the video will now bring up more options for control, letting users skip forward or jump back by 10 seconds.

When you tap on a video anywhere within the Facebook app, it will now bring it up fullscreen with vertical orientation. Whereas before videos may have played in a Feed-like player or horizontally, the player will now be consistent regardless of the content and dimensions of it. A fullscreen option on most horizontal videos will allow you to flip playback into landscape.

An GIF of the updated video player.
Image credit: Facebook

Facebook also promise that they have improved recommendations, bringing more relevant videos to users as they skip through content. Whilst content uploaded to Facebook will currently remain the priority, Facebook plan to implement more Reels content to “meet the growing demand for this format”.

The updated video player is coming to both iOS and Android in the US and Canada first and will be launching globally over the next few months.

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