Following rumours that Warner Music are closing a deal with Vevo they’ve agreed a partnership with another music video service – Vadio.

Vadio announced on Wednesday that they’ve signed a content agreement with Warner Music Group, giving them access to WMG’s music videos. The music video platform has amassed over 80 partners for video streaming but Warner marks their first major label.

Warner Music Group’s executive counsel of business affairs, strategic and digital initiatives Ron Wilcox said: “Vadio provides a smart service that gives partners quick and easy access to our artists’ content, within a ready-to-go video platform. Vadio’s extensive distribution network of video channels expands the potential for Warner Music artists to connect with new fans, while creating new revenue streams on our artists’ behalf.”

Vadio have partnered with other popular video services like Vizio,, MetroLyrics, Virgin Radio Italy and others. Vadio offers partners methods to curate, monetise and track their video content online.

Vadio’s CEO, Bryce Clemmer said: “We pride ourselves on empowering new business models that create new revenue streams for content creators and media partners. For that reason, we are very excited about our partnership with Warner Music Group. We believe video will get integrated into every digital media destination. Therefore we are making it possible for artists, brands, and media partners to deliver high quality videos by making Warner’s video library viewable across large scale consumer experiences.”

This deal comes curiously soon after rumours were abound that Warner are making a deal with Vevo, the giant video streaming platform formed by Universal and Sony. Warner were the only major label to opt out of starting Vevo, choosing to explore the online video marketplace independently.

If Warner do choose to partner with Vevo the platform will house all of the world’s biggest artists music videos. The deal would reportedly require Warner’s videos to remain independent on YouTube, not part of Vevo.

This doesn’t really infringe on Vevo’s plans who, despite having made the majority of their popularity on YouTube, wish to start promoting their own platform and draw people to their music videos there, rather than on YouTube. Vevo are planning to launch a subscription service later this year to bolster their platform even more.