Bry.Tic and Kjelwyn Van Houten sound-tracking trampoline parks with his hit new track bouncing across the Netherlands.

It almost never got released but Bry.Tic’s new single featuring Kjelwyn Van Houten saw the light of day, and thank god it did! Their new hit track Trampoline just released on our Vital network and it’s exactly it sounds like, an awesome, hype track about bouncing around on a trampoline and it’s got people around their home country jumping.

The energy-pumping track was created by Bry.Tic (Bryan) who has been producing music for a few years now. His close friend and singer Kjelwyn had talked about doing a track together for a while. Kjelwyn says: “During dinner, I was joking with a few sentences about jumping on a trampoline. I sang with a lot of autotune, and then challenged Bryan to make something out of it.

“In the beginning of December I suddenly got an app from him [sic translation]. The song is finished with a sound recording, my mouth fell open in surprise when I heard what Bryan had made of them. (The) trampoline in the garden of my neighbours had turned into a full-fledged dance song, Bryan did a really good job.”

The songs incessant energy and fun has seen it played in gyms and trampoline parks around the Netherlands. This all after it was only released last week. The boys are hoping to take the track’s success even further, saying: “It would be the best thing to be able to do this track live in a club once. I already see that for me.”

In regards to the possibility of a music video: “We do not know exactly what it will look like, but it must of course contain a trampoline.”