Label-owned music video distributors Vevo have revealed that thanks to new competition they’ll start phasing out their mobile app and website.

This week YouTube launched their new home for everything music-based in YouTube Music, a new subscription service. Now Vevo, giant music video distributors ran by the 3 major record label, have announced that they will begin focusing entirely on music video distribution rather than hosting music videos on their own sites.

The company announced in a statement: “At Vevo, our objective is to grow the commercial and promotional value of music videos, fostering deep connections between artists and fans. To be most effective in achieving those goals, we will phase out elements of our owned and operated platforms.

“Going forward, Vevo will remain focused on engaging the biggest audiences and pursuing growth opportunities. Our catalog of premium music videos and original content will continue to reach a growing audience on YouTube and we are exploring ways to work with additional platforms to further expand access to Vevo’s content.”

Vevo will continue to have a presence online however they will begin the closure of their music video website and their mobile apps. To help users transition over to the web’s new number 1 place for music videos, YouTube Music, Vevo will be launching a playlist tool that can migrate users’ playlists over to YouTube. Vevo say they will continue to support “select” over-the-top TV apps as well.

YouTube’s distribution deal with Vevo will however run out this year so it will be interesting to see how the companies manage a renewal. Especially now that music streaming services are looking to get into video and Facebook’s video platform is getting bigger than ever and has recently signed licensing deals with all the major labels and a bunch of indie rights-holders. Though YouTube Music was specifically designed to treat music more fairly and not the same as their video content.

Vevo added: “Connecting artists to new audiences, while helping tell their stories, and growing on advertising-based revenue stream that benefits all of our partners, are key considerations that drive how we develop and adapt our business. Belief in the power of the music videos will always remain at Vevo’s core.”