UVI & Venus Theory have announced Quadra traveler at NAMM 2023.

Traveler is the latest addition to UVI’s Quadra series, joining ‘Quadra: Metal & Wood’ & ‘Quadra: Muted & Harmonics’.

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UVI Quara Traveler

UVI’s new Quadra instrument gives you 4.33GB of multi-sampled instruments and synth tones, and the plugin allows you to blend up to four different voices together. Each of the four layers fills dedicated key zones and offers XY pads and parameters for fine-tuning each voice with filters and other effects.

The main page of the Traveler plugin is designed to let you blend tones together easily, and you can dissect each voice easily by just clicking on a particular instrument. Here, you can edit the key zone and octave, and apply effects while the XY pad allows you to mix timbres together and curate your own, unique sounds.

Meanwhile, Qadra Traveler offers an advanced 64-step arpeggiator and phrase sequencer with pitch drift, scale quantization, and more expressive performance controls. Here’s a list of the included instruments, as noted by Synth Anatomy:

  • fretted instruments: baglamas, banjo, Chinese pipa, oud, saz, bass, Celtic twelve-string guitar, Chonburi, and more
  • wooden instruments: balafon, gamelan, kalimba, sanza, mbira, steel drums and handpan
  • keyboards: cabinet organ, accordion, Indian harmonium, Nordic upright piano
  • strings: zither, cymbalum, dulcimer, erhu, guzheng, koto, lyra, qanun, shamisan, valiha, and viola
  • wind: alphorn, various flutes, duduk, key shakuhachi, bagpipes, pan flute, and more
  • synthesizers: analog, FM, modeled, PCM, and speaker synths

Furthermore, UVI’s Quara Traveler is packed with over 300 presets and 187 layers. As a result, you can craft your own sounds right away or explore the numerous sounds that UVI provide you with. You can make changes to all presets in the plugin, and they can serve as starting points for your own sound design sessions in the plugin.

Below, you can find Venus Theory’s overview of Quadra Traveler on UVIs YouTube channel.