How YouTube creator and influencers can reward fans, followers and reposters

Content Unlocks from can help creators of all types boost their follower base by rewarding fans in exchange for follows, tweets, retweets and shares on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook as well as streaming services.

Designed with creators in mind, aims to help you promote your content, grow your fanbase and deep dive into statistics.

What sort of reward can I give out?

Content Unlocks allow you to grant fans access to coupon codes, VIP Event information, competition codes, event tickets, secret links, new track downloads, wallpapers and more.

We offer two type of reward:

  • ‘Unlock downloadable files’ – this could be an MP3 (free download to your new track), video (early access to your new YouTube video), image (exclusive free wallpaper) or any other kind of file.
  • ‘Unlock a secret message’ – this could be a coupon code, discount code, exclusive information or text of any kind.
What actions must followers complete to gain access

You have free choice of what social platforms, what actions and how many are required to complete in order to gain access to your content.

We offer the following platforms and subsequent actions:

  • Follow – Get new Twitter followers, profile information, social interests and connections with a Twitter Follow. Get a bigger community of fans to hear what you have to say.
  • Tweet – Spread your message quickly and efficiently to a large number of people, people you know and people you don’t.
  • Retweet – Upcycle a previous Tweet that worked, there’s life in the old dog yet. Selecting a Re-tweet will get an existing tweet back out there in the Twittersphere along with any conversations attached to it.
  • Connect – Encouraging your fans to connect with Facebook will give you access to their profile information, email address and contact information providing valuable insights for your future marketing strategies. Each Facebook connection will be added to your PUSH fan base which you can use to market directly.
  • Share – Get your message out there in the form of a Facebook status. You can include links to cross promote here with an unlimited character count.
  • Subscribe – Get new YouTube Subscribers and a bigger digital audience for your video based content, you’ll also be able to gain insights on your fan base and new followers.
  • Save – Ensure your music lands in the libraries of your fans and drive higher engagement on Spotify.
  • Follow – Grow your following, get to know your fan base with access to their profile information and make sure your fans are updated with all your future works.
  • Play – Promote a track, release, podcast or any other Spotify based audio to drive higher streams and get your music in the listening mix in order to become a fan favourite.
  • Pre-save – Build momentum on Spotify before your music’s official release. Requesting a Pre-save will ensure your music slides straight into the library of your fans as soon as it’s released.
Apple Music
  • Save – Work your way into the library of your fans on Apple Music with a Save action.
  • Pre-save – Pave the way for your new music to enter the mix. With an Apple Music Pre-save, your release will slide straight into the libraries of your fans that use Apple Music.
  • Pre-save – Require a pre-save so that on the day your release goes live, your fans on Deezer will have it saved to their library.
Setting your required social actions

Required actions are non-negotiable social hoops your fan must jump through in order to gain access to your exclusive content, your fan will not gain access to your content until they meet the criteria you set out below. Setting a minimum number of required social actions proves useful in driving cross-platform growth and ensuring inclusivity across your fan base whilst setting individual social actions as required allows you to target specific platforms, driving higher engagement in the places that you want to make the biggest mark.

You can also choose whether to set specific social actions as ‘required’. This mean for example, should you only require fans to do three social actions, but want to ensure two of them are follow on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube, this is possible.

Statistics provide you with invaluable statistics regarding when people are viewing and engaging with your campaigns, giving you a detailed day-by-day breakdown.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to create a Content Unlock.

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