Official Artist Channels are vital for artists with music on YouTube. So if you’ve uploaded music to YouTube through RouteNote, find out how to get one in this article.

An Official Artist Channel brings all of the official content from across these channels into one, great place where existing fans and new listeners can easily explore all of your content and discover more.

Often, artists will find their content split across different channels:

Topic Channels: Art tracks & content made by fans and others with your music in it ends up here
Third Party: Vevo, record label, and other official third party uploads
Artist Channel: That’s you! Your very own channel which you control and upload to.

Still need convincing that you should get an Official Artist Channel? Here’s what it means for you:

All of your music, in one place. Your entire discography is all in one, easy place where listeners can explore it with ease. Your music videos, your album uploads, and even your more personal uploads – like BTS content and vlogs – are all on one channel in their own neat categories, or ‘shelves’, making discovery a delight for fans new and old.

You’re in control. Without an Official Artist Channel you don’t have control over how your content appears on Topic Channels or Third Party channels. With one, you have full control over your channel including your image, your banner, your biography, your content layout, your featured channels, and more!

Search result satisfaction. Your wonderful, cohesive new channel will appear every time someone searches for your music. No more searching through a jumble of uploads: A simple way to delve into all of your music appears straight away. This also means that Google searches of your artist name present your OAC right at the front.

Promotion in your hands. With you at the reins you decide how and what to promote using your channel giving you the power to emphasise the things that are important to you and your fanbase. Set your featured video to go front and centre on your channel and curate your own top shelf of videos for visitors to your channel to explore first.

Increased engagement and views. A one-stop shop for all of your content will enhance your videos’ reach and views. It allows fans to subscribe to one channel so that they can keep in touch with all of your new content.

What do I do?

Getting your Official Artist Channel is simple and we’re here to help you do it.

First! Make sure you have uploaded at least one release through RouteNote to Google Play Music which shares their library with YouTube Music.

Second! Make sure you have your own YouTube Channel created under your artist name with a channel image. You are likely to be approved quicker if you have at least 1 album and at least 3 videos live on YouTube.

If at least one release has been approved and distributed to YouTube through RouteNote then follow the link below to fill out our application form and you’re on your way!

Click here to Apply

Got any questions?

Our support team are happy to help with any issues or questions you have at But before you get in touch, here are some of the most asked questions about Official Artist Channels that may answer your queries.

How long does it take to get an OAC after application?

This depends! If the channels you provided are already stocked with content it will help the process move quicker. You will be notified when you are placed in their queue for upgrade by YouTube.

Is this a new channel?

No, this is not a new channel. It is a combination of the other channels so that they all appear in one place, acting like a hub for your content that appears as a Channel.

Will Topic Channels remain?

Yes, Topic Channels will still remain on YouTube. YouTube will soon replace the link to Topic Channels with the OAC link on watch cards and art tracks but Topic Channels will still exist.

Will VEVO and record label channels remain?

Yes, these channels will remain and will still feature any content of yours they have uploaded. Their videos of yours will simply be collected and also placed on your OAC.

What happens to subscribers on each channel?

YouTube are looking into a solution for fans who are subscribed to the different channels your content is being merged from. They hope to find a way that works for channels, artists, and fans and there will hopefully be more news on this soon.

How do OAC’s change in different territories?

YouTube have done their best to create a seamless experience across different countries. Some countries where YouTube Red is not available, art tracks will not show up on Album or Official Music playlists.

How do I customise my OAC now I have one?

We have another article here with links and advice on all the different things you can to do get your new Official Artist Channel looking exactly how you want it.