Twitter Spaces introduce co-hosting: co-hosts can moderate while the host focuses on entertaining the audience

The latest feature to be added to Twitter’s Clubhouse competitor Spaces, allows a host to choose up to two co-hosts to help manage the Space.

Along with similar efforts from Facebook, Spotify and Reddit, Spaces is Twitter’s social audio feature and Clubhouse competitor. The host to a Twitter Space can now invite up to two co-hosts.

Co-hosts are granted almost all the same permissions as the host such as inviting, removing and muting speakers, managing requests, removing participants, pinning Tweets, and more. Co-hosts cannot invite or remove other co-hosts, or end the Space. This new addition brings the maximum number of speakers in any Space to 13, with 1 host, 2 co-hosts and 10 speakers.

Co-hosts can:

Co-hosts can’t:

  • Add or remove other Co-hosts
  • End the Space

Once a Space has started, hosts can invite co-hosts by tapping the people icon or tapping a person within the Space’s profile picture.

Twitter have been very quick in adding new features to Spaces in hopes of making it the go to place for live audio discussions. Recently Twitter dedicated the top of the app to Spaces, after axing Fleets, their stories feature.

Clubhouse have also recently been stepping up features, killing the invite-only/waitlist sign up process, unlocking the app to all users.

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