Twitter Investing In Connected Headphones Developer ‘Muzik’

Twitter are investing in Muzik, a company creating headphones that connect your music to social media.

Twitter have invested in a high-end headphone company that are designing “connected headphones”. What are connected headphones you may ask – Whether we need them or not connected headphones can connect your listening to your social media.

With Muzik’s wireless headphones you can control all functions and listening options using buttons on the headphones. The feature that is most likely what appealed to Twitter is the ability to share clips of what you’re listening to on to social media. With Twitter’s investment the headphones will have Twitter integrated directly onto the headset.

Muzik have been developing their headphones for a few years now, and even revealed their headphones in 2013. Despite turbulence along the way since then Muzik’s CEO Jason Hardi has been perfecting the product ready for launch this year.

Whether the social sharing feature will hold any appeal remains to be seen, but at a similar price to Apple Beats we hope they’re quality is still high-end.

Muzik’s first pair of headphones are coming in May and will cost $299 with plans to release an in-ear version later this year for $199. At Twitter’s display in CES this week Muzik will get a chance to show off some of their product.

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