Image Credit: Heardle

Thought you’d played every single game similar to Wordle? You haven’t tried Heardle, the musical version.

Wordle clone seekers! Just when you thought every Wordle alternative had been exhausted – Worldle, Quordle, Lewdle – here comes the music version.

Heardle is a guess-the-song game where you have to work out the name of a SoundCloud snippet in six tries. Much like a music round of a pub quiz, but in Wordle form.

How do you play? Listen to the first snippet of the intro. You can skip along to reveal more of the song or have a go at naming that tune, sacrificing a turn each time.

Like Wordle, you only get one game a day. That’s a major part of what made Wordle go viral, leaving the internet littered with emoji squares and users wanting more – and finding satisfaction from clones like Heardle that quickly popped up around the internet.

Heardle isn’t the first Wordle alternative to have a music twist. The band Weezer released their own Wordle version that only features Weezer-related words.

Give Heardle a try here.

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