Image Credit: Dataconomy

TikTok is currently testing a new AI song generation tool for users, aiming to provide quick and unique content generation for short-form content on the platform.

The AI Song feature prompts users to input text commands and generates original music based on the provided lyrics. Powered by the Bloom Language Model boasting over 176 billion parameters and supporting 46 languages, TikTok wants to offer a broad range of lyrical options beyond typical user-generated content.

With genre customization and musical style options, TikTok users can tailor their AI-generated songs to their tastes, providing a versatile creative experience.

The new feature furthermore expands on ByteDance’s earlier AI music project, Ripple, and could provide resourceful tools that curate unique, copyright-free compositions to accompany user content.

For good or bad, artificial intelligence’s relationship with music creation continues to grow. TikTok’s song generator is part of a broader trend in the industry, disrupting stock content creation with generative AI for unique and copyright-free alternatives.

The AI Song feature may present a significant leap in AI development regarding social media… and you just know Meta will make similar moves if it’s successful.

While TikTok is actively refining the feature based on initial user tests, the potential for AI-generated content on the platform is significant. If successful, this tool could not only enable users to create unique soundtracks for their videos but also contribute to a larger shift in how AI-generated content is integrated into social media platforms.

As TikTok explores the boundaries of creativity with AI-generated music, the future may see an increased focus on copyright considerations and potential legal battles over content similarities. For now, the AI Song feature is available to selected users in the testing pool, offering a glimpse into the platform’s ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of social media innovation.