Truly feel the bass in your music with Basslet, a subwoofer for your wrist

No matter how good your headphones are sometimes the listening experience just isn’t enough, but with Basslet you can feel the bass pulse through your body.

Basslet is a new wearable from Lofelt that uses an in-built subwoofer to deliver beats and pulses through your body to enhance your music listening experience. Imagine the feeling you get at a big concert or club where the bass resonates through your body and creates a rhythm of feeling on top of the music you’re hearing – that is the experience you get with Basslet, anywhere.

The subwoofer fits onto your wrist like a watch and doesn’t emit any sound, just the vibrations that create the sounds of your music. So it feels like you’re surrounded by what you’re listening to, even when you haven’t got your headphones on, for a truly visceral experience with music. Lofelt say themselves: “It is completely silent to the outside world – and despite the size, it makes you feel like you are surrounded by sound.”

Basslet works as an intermediary between your headphones/earphones and the device you’re listening to music on. The device uses Lofelt’s unique LoSound engine to translate the audio signals into bass frequencies as low as 10 Hz with a dynamic range and frequency response that has been optimised for bass signals.

The high precision of the LoSound engine results in a deep sound experience – creating the illusion of standing next to a subwoofer. Our tech is based on an innovative voice-coil design with highly optimised magnetic flows which allows it to be extremely powerful yet remarkably compact.

It’s one-of-a-kind. There is simply nothing like it out there – and we’re very proud of it. The Basslet is truly designed for everyday life.

Basslet was born through Kickstarter where it raised more than enough to become a reality and is now available for pre-orders. Before launching their fundraising campaign online Lofelt had worked on Basslet for over 2 years and planned everything out from the production to the retail. Thanks to the money they raised through Kickstarter Lofelt are now able to offer Basslets to people around the world.

Now it’s ready for sale the Basslet will be made available on Amazon and Lofelt’s own website in the US and the UK for $219. If you pre-order from their site now you can save $40 and get the Basslet for a tasty $179.

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