RouteNote Troubleshooters: Album artwork

If your music is going onto streaming services and music stores you want to make sure your artwork is the best it can be.

You can upload your music onto the world’s biggest music streaming services and download stores for free with RouteNote. It makes it easy to share your music with your world, but there’s a few things you must consider with your album art.
Uploading your album art is as simple as selecting a file on our site or dragging the image in and dropping it into place.
First of you want to make sure your artwork is good quality so it reflects your music in the best way possible. This means it cannot be blurry, pixelated, misaligned, or have any other quality issues.
Your art must be 3000 x 3000 pixels with a 72 DPI or higher.
Make sure you’re representing yourself. That means that if your artwork implies you are someone you’re not – for example putting Drake’s face as the cover – then it won’t be allowed. 
Whilst art is all about expression we can’t allow pornography as our partners won’t accept pornographic material. This applies even to URL links to porn websites.
We can’t allow references to physical packaging or retailers, such as the CD logo. This extends to any possible reference to a physical release like a price tag or ‘download free’ etc. Unless it is part of the artwork and not referencing a physical copy of your music.
You also can’t include the logos of streaming services or music stores. This applies to all copyrighted/trademarked material, so if you have an image that you don’t own in your artwork stores won’t allow it.

If you have any issues with your artwork you can get in touch at and our friendly support team will be happy to help you out.

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    What if I have only 1500 px artwork at maximum? I physically don’t have the higher quality image than that. If I resize it to 3000 px will it pass? I can’t afford to make the whole artwork to be remade from scratch.

    Hey, I’m trying to put my album up for distribution, but when I put in the artwork and click “Save changes” it says “Please add you album artwork” at the top of the screen. The artwork meets all the required aspects.

    Hello, sorry about that. We’re aware of some issues, if it’s still happening please try changing your file name and make sure there are no special characters or symbols in the file name of the iamge.

    Wow, thank you so much haha
    I had another file with the same name so it put “(1)” in the name.

    No matter what I do, I receive the error message “album artwork has failed to upload.”
    Actually, the picture uploads fine, but after I click Save I receive the error message.
    I have uploaded some 20 covers based on exactly the same template, only with different text. But in every other respect the graphic is the same: 3000×3000, 96 dpi.
    This condition appears on some 4-5 titles only.
    Incidentally, for these albums I tried to upload cover artwork that has already been approved for another album just to check whether it uploads, and it doesn’t. It seems that there is something specific to the setup of these albums that prevents the image from uploading.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello, can you try clearing your cache, cookies and site data from your browser as an update to the site might be interfering with an older version of it. If this doesn’t help get in touch with us at with the UPC and attach your artwork if you can.

    A friend of mine has uploaded artwork to the site, is including the logo of your own artist logo against the rules?

    Hello, yes you can’t use any copyrighted image material without licensed permission. That includes RouteNote logos.

    Hey, when your album is in review, but you‘re unsatisfied with the cover and just realized it, is it still possible to change the artwork?

    Does 3000 x 3000 pixels an actual size? The artist doing my artwork has asked for the dimensions as in mm ?

    If it is not copyrighted content or a fan creation of copyrighted content then it will likely be okay.

    if I change my cover artwork after uploading in Spotify & until they update will it stop my stream on Spotify ?

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