Bring stories to life on your smart speaker as you become a character in audiobooks on Alexa.

Amazon’s Alexa speakers have just gotten more fun with Choose Your Own Adventure books launching through Audible. Using Alexa’s voice control you can take part in interactive stories and decide how the tale you’re listening to happens.

Chooseco have launched 2 of their Choose Your Own Adventure stories to life through Amazon Alexa: The Abominable Snowman and Journey Under The Sea. To start you just ask Alexa to open the story and the narrator begins your adventure. Once it comes to a decision the narrator will ask you what you want to do; you decide and tell them and the story proceeds based on your choices.

It’s possible to fail in the story and if you die or have an accident then it will ask if you want to return to an earlier point. If you reach the ending you also have the choice to go back to crucial decisions and alter your choices to change the outcome of your adventure.

It will also keep track of the decisions you’ve made and the endings you’ve discovered to help keep you wanting to return to the story and find new solutions. The Abominable Snowman has a possible 28 endings and Journey Under The Sea has a total of 42 endings to discover.

Chooseco only have 2 titles available now but if Choose Your Own Adventure audiobooks on Alexa prove popular it’s likely we will see many more. Chooseco have hundreds of books they could release, the only obstacle being recording the narration. According to those who’ve tried it the narration is brilliant and the format works on smart speakers really well – we will no doubt be seeing more.