The more ears start opening up to your music the more attention you’ll get and eventually that catches the attention of journos – here’s some expert advice on handling interviews.

Spotify have conducted a meta-interview with Billboard’s Kevan Kenney to get his top tips on talking to journalists. With plenty of experience talking to artists on the other end of the microphone Kenney gives his advice on being ready for whatever you’re thrown when the exciting time comes to be interviewed.

As Spotify say themselves, the lead up to the interview is the most important time for you to prepare and get an idea of what your responses to certain questions will be. Assume that you’re going to be asked about your music of course, the journey to where you are today, what the future holds, and more. As well, think about how you want to present yourself and your artistry – whilst no-one recommends lying you want to create the right image of yourself and you should consider that in your responses.

Whilst the best interviews are natural and come from the heart, being prepared will ensure that you don’t leave any awkward silences or come across like you don’t know what you’re doing. Kenney gives a bunch of great tips on handling yourself in interviews which you can check out here – we’ve collated our favourite tips here for you.

I think the best interviews are conversations where we can get past the standard talking points and get to know you as a person… Let’s find those connections between you and your fans.
Know the important facts: Your release date, Who produced your record, When tickets go on sale.
It’s like hanging out with your friends. Sometimes you guys are going to be going nuts, wildin’ out – and other times, it’s just a chill night in watching Netflix contemplating life. It’s all about the vibe and context of the interview.
I think some artists get nervous because they feel the interview is a test and they’re going to be asked a question they may not know the answer to, but that’s not how an interview should feel. You and I are just shooting the breeze and getting to talk about something pretty cool – your music!
The quickest way out of an awkward situation is to acknowledge whatever the awkward component is. It takes away its power and then you can have fun with it and move on.
If there are issues you’re passionate about and you want to utilize the platform your music has afforded you, I say go for it.