Tinder’s ‘Festival Mode’ is for hooking up at festies

Have you ever felt like hooking up with someone at a festival isn’t easy enough? Well Tinder have a new Festival Mode regardless.

Tinder is the famous swiping app where you flick right or left based on whether you want to chat to someone, or just sleep with them. They’re taking their hook-up platform to the next level and bringing it to festivals because there isn’t already enough sex at a festival.

Tinder have added a feature allowing you to add badges to your profile showing which music festivals you’ll be at over the summer. From the Festival Mode card users will be able to find other users that are going to the same festival and arrange a meet up when the time comes.

Tinder’s CMO, Jenny Campbell said: “It’s no secret that Tinder is a must-have app for singles attending music festivals around the world. We consistently see a spike in Tinder use as tens of thousands of music fans come together, so we wanted to create a new experience that makes it easier to connect with other concert-goers before even setting foot on festival grounds. We’ve partnered with some of the biggest names in the entertainment and events industry to make that happen, and we couldn’t be more excited to help Tinder users find their crowd during these events for the rest of 2019.”

Rolled out this month, Festival Mode will be available for 12 festivals across the US and the UK.

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