Marshall’s new portable speakers look like little guitar amps

Marshall have expanded their Bluetooth speaker line-up with 2 new awesome-looking additions to the range.

Last year the most notorious guitar amp/stack makers went beyond the guitar to launch a portable speaker for playing music on the go. The Kilburn speaker provided a great sound for a Bluetooth speaker than can be taken anywhere at a decent price for a quality build like Marshall.

Now it’s getting one bigger and one smaller sibling to turn Marshall’s solo Bluetooth speaker act into a portable music family. The Tufton is a larger speaker offering a more hefty sound that you can one the go with it’s simple pull up handle. The smaller Stockwell II is an upgraded version of the slightly miniaturised speaker offering.

The mini Stockwell II offers a lot for a small package pushing out multi-directional sound so that, whether you’re inside or out, you’ve got an exceptional music experience from a pint-sized package. It offers over 20 hours of playback from Bluetooth devices so the party doesn’t end all night.

The steel grille on the outside makes the Stockwell II look like a gnarly amp but also keeps it’s insides protected from wear and tear on the road. It is also IPX4 water-resistant so it can take a bit of rain or a bit of beer spillages and keep the music going. Just like a guitar amp, you can use control knobs to adjust the volume, bass and treble of your sound.

The Tufton is a much more formidable offering packing a bigger sound inside it’s much bigger frame. The Tufton prides itself on a rich low-end capable of frequencies down to 40 Hz from its 40w woofer and has a much bigger output capable of up to 102 dB sound. Beyond it’s power the Tufton and Stockwell II are mostly comparable.

Whilst the speakers bear the hallmarks of Marshall’s guitar amps’ and stacks’ aesthetic they are actually produced by Zound Industries.

The Stockwell II is available for £219.99 and the Tufton will set you back £349.99. The original Kilburn II comes cleanly in the middle, available for £269.99.

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