TikTok is huge, everywhere you look there’s a TikTok video, it’s even having an impact on trending songs and music charts.

In the last year TikTok’s status has gone from a trend to a global phenomenon as billions around the world now use it. With a heavy focus on singing and dancing along to music, TikTok has become inextricably linked with trending songs.

Chartmetric have been tracking the impact TikTok trends have on music when a song goes viral on the video platform. In May they launched an entirely new music chart purely for music on TikTok as songs became such a huge part of the platform.

They’ve spoken to TikTok’s biggest star, Charli D’amelio, to talk about how music plays into her videos. Looking at trends Chartmetric have seen how songs can explode in popularity for use in videos and listens on TikTok when Charli and other popular TikTokers use a song in their video.

Once a song features in a popular video on TikTok it will often see a boost in streams across streaming platforms like YouTube and Spotify making it a huge new possibility for artists to get heard and recognised by millions.

Chartmetric looked at the ten tracks which received the most comments from her followers:

1. Ayesha Erotica’s “Sixteen” – 423,641 TikTok comments
2. 6ix8ine’s “GOOBA” – 327,400 TikTok comments
3. Don Toliver’s “After Party” – 264,900 TikTok comments
4. Mimi Webb’s “Before I Go” – 255,000 TikTok comments
5. SAINt JHN’s “Roses, Imanbek Remix” – 237,900 TikTok comments
6. Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” March 26th post – 228,900 TikTok comments
7. Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage,” March 25th post – 210,100 TikTok comments
8. Conkarah’s “Banana (feat. Shaggy) – 183,800 TikTok comments
9. Mulatto’s “Bitch From Da Souf” – 183,100 TikTok comments
10. Roddy Ricch’s “The Box” – 179,100 TikTok comments

When it comes to picking a song to use in here videos… Well, Charlie seems to just go for what she hears and enjoys. There’s no formula to it beyond the age-old musical formula of taking notice of something you enjoy. Though it’s clear when a song is getting popular and she and other creators take note and are more likely to use it in other videos.

Chartmetric dive deep into how TikTok is affecting the music charts in a new blog post and I’d recommend a look to find out more about just how how huge the impact of this blossoming social media platform is on the music charts.

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