With TikTok a maker and breaker of hit songs at the moment it’s only right it have a chart that shows all the hottest songs on TikTok.

TikTok has become a hub of popular music, songs become trending for use in people’s videos then shoot off in popularity. They’ve made hits out of many songs and with TikTok’s global popularity booming the potential for music on the social video platform has become huge.

Chartmetric, seeing how popular music is on TikTok, have sent up a brand new weekly chart to track all off the hottest music on the app. Chartmetric will follow the trends on TikTok in real time and track how popular songs are to update their chart every week with the top trending songs.

Chartmetric founder and CEO, Sung Cho says of their new chart: “So many up-and-coming artists who become super popular seem to appear quite suddenly to outsiders, but in many cases, they were not overnight successes.

“You can see that there’s a story, a buildup to their success. The artists on this chart didn’t come out of nowhere. All biggest stars may dominate the top of other charts, but you’ll find many artists right below, millions more. We wanted to show what’s happening for those millions more dynamically.”

It’s true that TikTok’s popularity is having an influence on that music charts beyond TikTok when a song goes viral on the app. With more than 2 billion app downloads around the world a song’s popularity on TikTok can make a huge difference to it’s streaming and sales numbers. Megan Thee Stallion who is currently at #2 on the TikTok Chart has seen her popularity jump since going viral on the video platform.

The chart will display various aspects of a song’s performance as well, with a search option for searching by how quickly they are gaining traction. The chart is huge so that it can track loads of songs and how they’re trending amongst millions of videos and viewers, going all the way down by 1000 tracks.

It’s going to be a great tool for artists and TikTok creators alike to see what’s hot and what’s not on the huge platform which is having an increasingly significant affect on the music industry.

See what’s trending on the new TikTok Weekly Chart here.