TikTok Radio brings the hottest trending songs together

Listen to all the biggest trending songs on TikTok with a one-stop stream now playing on Resso.

resso tiktok radio

One of the things people love most about TikTok is how musical it is. With over a billion people using the video sharing app, it has made hits out of hundreds of songs used as soundtracks to viral videos.

Now you can find all these hits in a regularly updated stream on TikTok Radio. The new radio playlist is live on Resso for listeners in India and regularly updates with the trending songs on TikTok India.

Resso is the new music streaming service launched by Bytedance, the creators of TikTok, earlier this year. The app has a focus on making music social, to separate from competitors of the many other popular streaming services.

Listeners can leave their comments on tracks with gifs, images, and videos to share their feelings on it. Resso allows listeners to make friends and share their music together all from within the streaming app.

It will be interesting to see if they integrate TikTok and Resso more as the streaming service grows and expands. The music streaming service is available in India and Indonesia now.

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