A new licensing deal with Shemaroo Entertainment builds upon Bytedance’s brand new music service Resso.

Bytedance are the company behind the massive social video app TikTok and it’s Chinese equivalent Douyin. This year they launched their brand new music streaming app Resso which they hope will share TikTok’s success in a new way.

The app is currently available in India and Indonesia offering a sizeable library of local music. A new deal with Indian music business Shemaroo Entertainment gives them access to a whole new selection of local music including the soundtracks and songs from successful Bollywood films.

Resso’s head of music, content and partnerships in India, Hari Nair said: “Resso’s aim is to bring music to the forefront by giving users an opportunity to connect, engage and interact with music and artists, alike. Shemaroo Entertainment is one of India’s leading content powerhouses and our association with Shemaroo’s music label, gives us access to their comprehensive library across genres and languages.”

Resso has set itself apart from the wealth of other music streaming services available by adding an interactive level. Using gifs, images, and videos users can share their feelings on music and start a conversation around the music. It’s half music streaming platform, half social media.

Shemaroo Entertainment CEO, Hiren Gada wrote: “We at Shemaroo have always stayed ahead of the curve and through this alliance with Resso, we reinforce our promise to bring the best of entertainment by partnering with the best of brands. This association is a natural progression to ensure we reach out to newer audiences, cross boundaries and partner with new age brands to engage and entertain customers across.”

Nair closed, saying: “We are excited to present their library to our users, which is in line with our commitment to provide the best in music.”