Image Credit: TikTok

The Mercedes-Benz E-class new in-car entertainment system proves that TikTok really is inescapable.

The Mercedes-Benz E-class new model comes with TikTok included, featuring two in-car touchscreens that show personalised TikToks. Because nothing screams “Safety first!” more than integrating a notoriously distracting video app into your car.

Of course, there are precautions taken to prevent the driver from gawping at the MBUX Superscreen or scrolling through TikToks whilst driving. The device will only be available while the vehicle is parked and the two screens run independently from each other.

The partnership ensures users can download TikTok straight from the home screen of the car player. If the user has a TikTok account, videos will be personalised as in their usual For You feed – or alternatively users can browse as a guest for curated content that’s suitable for adults and teenagers without having to make an account.

David Saidden, Director of Distribution Business Development at TikTok, said: “With our mobile app, we bring people little moments of joy throughout their day. As we aim to expand that experience for our users, we’re excited to partner with Mercedes-Benz to introduce immersive in-car entertainment, which will give our community more opportunities to enjoy the content they love.”

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