Korg has been reissuing some of their classic hardware to much praise from loyal fans, newcomers, and synthesis veterans alike. And just as the manufacturer did for their legendary MS-20 synthesizer, Korg has now released the ARP Odyssey FS Kit.

Korg ARP Odyssey FS kit

The Korg ARP Odyssey kit is identical to the models built in the factory, so you can rest assured your kit version will function the same as the original thing.

Moreover, Korg has used three different filter types during the Odyssey’s life, and the three filters are all available on the new Odyseey kit model.

In practice, you assemble the boards, keyboard, and case yourself. And each kit has its own unique serial number plate, so some Odyssey kits may become collector’s items in the future!

Meanwhile, the kit itself will arrive in a number of sections and won’t require any soldering skills. As a result, the kit will be accessible to a wider audience and not just people with expertise in engineering.

Nevertheless, you’ll be connecting cables between boards and fitting caps once they’re mounted in place while faders and switches are in already place. Ultimately, the Korg ARP Odyssey FS kit offers a fun challenge to newcomers and those with experience with the added benefit of knowing you built it. Oh, and the front panel gives you the orange-on-black ARP Odyssey Rev.3 design, but you can always redecorate its look.


The limited Korg ARP Odyssey Kit will be available from March for $1,899, though Korg hasn’t yet said how many they are planning on making.

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