Twitter are opening up their monetization tool to more creators on their social audio feature and Clubhouse competitor, Spaces.

Launced in December, Spaces are Twitter’s answer to Clubhouse, allowing creators to host live audio rooms. As Spaces rolled out to more creators in May, Twitter announced plans for Ticketed Spaces, their monetization tool. Applications for Ticketed Spaces and Super Follows opened in June. Now Twitter are opening Ticketed Spaces up to more creators on iOS, with plans to expand it everywhere soon.

Ticketed Spaces allow hosts to monetize live rooms by charging a fee and gives fans a way to support their favourite creator in exchange for exclusive access to content. Hosts can charge between $1 and $999 for any set number of ticketed. The creator keeps 97% of the revenue, after Apple App Store/Google Play Store fees. Ticketed Spaces differ from Clubhouse’s Payments feature, that allows audiences to tip creators.

You must be 18 years or older, have at least 1,000 active followers and hosted three or more Spaces in the last 30 days. To see if you’re eligible, tap your profile picture in the top left of the iOS app, tap Monetization, then Ticketed Spaces. Scroll down and tap Check eligibility. Click here to see Twitter’s full eligibility requirements for Ticketed Spaces.

Unfortunately there’s currently no way to reschedule Ticketed Spaces. Creators must cancel a scheduled room, then schedule a new room. Ticket holders will be automatically refunded and must purchase a new ticket.