What YouTube have learned after a year of YouTube Shorts

YouTube launched Shorts, their TikTok rival, one year ago. Here’s what the video streaming service has learned from short-form video so far.

Twitter introduce Ticketed Spaces to more creators on iOS

Twitter are opening up their monetization tool to more creators on their social audio feature and Clubhouse competitor, Spaces.

Facebook announce new Social Audio Experiences to compete with Clubhouse

Facebook detail new audio features such as Soundbites, podcasts on Facebook and Live Audio Rooms – a direct competitor to Clubhouse.

YouTube turn on post-roll ads by default for all 10+ minute monetizing videos

YouTube will now show ads at the end of all monetizing videos over 10 minutes long by default, but can be turned off by creators.

Can people use my music in their Instagram videos?

Yes they can. Distribute your music through RouteNote, select Facebook as a store, and you’ll get a kickback for every view the video gets. Artists and labels distributing through RouteNote can choose from many of…

How to get your music on Napster as an unsigned artist

With RouteNote, you can get your music up on some of the top stores and streaming services around the world free-of-charge, in a matter of days. Naspter kickstarted the P2P file sharing movement online in…

YouTube’s ‘Self-Certification’ guidelines detail what content is “suitable for all advertisers”

Over the last few years, we’ve heard many instances of video being ‘demonetized’ when containing offensive content. It’s never been very clear what context the material must be in to classify a video as “ineligible…

Ultimate music distributor in China

RouteNote is available worldwide, giving all unsigned artists and labels access to powerful distribution tools for free. Distribution Get your music on top stores and streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music,…

YouTube’s new grey ‘Checking’ icon should clean up their monetization process

YouTube have introduced a new grey ‘Checking’ clock symbol to identify a video is being checked for monetization suitability. Typically soon after uploading, creators may see their monetization status flip between ‘Green – On’, ‘Yellow…

How to make money from your music in 2020

Is it possible to make a sustainable living in the current music industry without money, connections or a major label? The answer is yes. Here are some top tips to getting yourself heard in a…