This new Travis Scott track is actually completely artificial intelligence (video)

You wouldn’t be alone if you heard this and thought that Travis Scott has a new song out but he hasn’t actually been anywhere near this track.

We’ve talked about artificial intelligence and music creation a bit on the blog before. We’re all seeing the leaps in capabilities that AI technology can do on the internet and making music is possibly one of the more underwhelming parts of that.

Well perhaps not anymore, as this digital company have just created a pitch perfect sounding Travis Scott song – vocals, production, even music video – using nothing but algorithms.

Space150 is a US-based tech company who have been dabbling in testing what they can do with artificial intelligence. By processing a slew of his lyrics and getting computers to analyse his sound and his vocal style they managed to create a completely legitimate Travis Scott track that he might not even know exists.

Executive creative director Ned Lampert said to AdWeek: “We were sort of fascinaed with like – what if we tried to make a song, like an actual good song, by using AI and basically creative directing AI.”

They decided to try and model Travis Scott because, as Lampert says: “He is just such a unique artist”. The song was created with Artificial Intelligence modelling itself on Scott and with some additional programs which helped create the melodies and backing track.

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