This new simple tool from ICE lets small companies license music in minutes

ICE have launched ‘Licensr’ as a simple solution for licensing for small services to use themselves.

ICE is a cross-European hub for music licensing made up of bodies like PRS for Music in the UK, STIM from Sweden and GEMA in Germany. They represent over 290,000 artists and have launched a new tool that makes licensing music simple and fast-tracks the process.

Their new Licensr platform is a self-service app that provides licensing for multi-territory, online music services. It simply requires a few questions answered and then they’ll calculate your free, then once services pay the fee they are licensed and free to use the music in minutes.

Services will need to answer how much they estimate music will be used during the license period, an estimate of the revenue they hope to generate from it, and they will need to provide these details for each territory they plan to license it.

The licensing tool isn’t available for companies and services which expect to make more than €250k or don’t need licensing in one or more European and MENA territories. Licenses last one year from payment.

Find out more about it and get your licenses here.

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