Collaborating on tracks is a little difficult with all this distancing but thankfully this app lets you stream and chat from all your favourite DAWs.

Collaborating with fellow musicians, producers, mixers and friends is a huge part of recording and creating music for many. In lockdown we can’t sit around the PC on an evening anymore but thankfully Soundwhale has a solution for coming together over new productions and recordings.

Allowing you to simply stream audio from your DAW, Soundwhale lets you and others all listen to your mix together live. The platform has chat options for video, audio, or text chatting so you can discuss it as you’re listening, comment on sections and give feedback in real-time.

Best of all this is all included in their free subscription tier so you don’t need to spend a penny to start collaborating again whilst respecting social distancing. You can work on your project in real time as you and collaborators are listening to it.

Soundwhale works with Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and Nuendo. They have 3 tiers for users, the first being free. With each level there are enhanced features for the best music streaming quality possible, synchronised timelines, video streaming to macOS and iOS, remote control and more.

Get Soundwhale free and find out more about this great tool here.