In this digital age of music some things are crucial to making it as an artist and as Spotify say, Metadata is the gluten holding your bread together.

If you’ve ever used us to get your music out to the world then you know exactly what metadata is; all the information about your music. It’s the behind the scenes for your audio that lets people know what the song’s called, who the artist is, how long it is, other writers and producers involved etc. It’s the DNA.

Now that music is at it’s most popular online metadata is more important than ever so that artists and everyone else involved in music can be recognised and earn what their entitled to. Without your details, Spotify aren’t going to know who to send the money for all your streams to – that’s why we ensure your metadata is perfect before it’s sent out to the world.

Spotify metadata music independent online digital credits

Don’t take our word for, one of Spotify’s product manager’s Tyler White says: “Metadata is critical to getting credit for your work and being recognised for it across the industry. We know that for songwriters, your credits are like your business card; it’s your next opportunity. It’s your chance to get your big break. Maybe someone like Kanye or Adele likes a song that you are part of and decides to hit you up and bring you on to the next project because they’re looking for new talent.”

White continues: “Your writing credits are like your pension. Investing in your publishing data is investing in your long-term future as an artist and your ability to be creative throughout your life.”

To make sure that your metadata is on point and giving you all the credit and earnings you deserve you can read our Upload Guide. Get your music out there and get recognised.