How much do big artists make on tour? Discover the top 10 musicians who’ve made the most money from touring the world in the first half of this year.

What’s been been the highest grossing concert tour so far in 2022? Now that touring is back in full swing following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, famous music artists are back travelling the world doing huge stadium shows. Good news for fans and good news for artists.

How much do artists make on tour? Some make millions. Here is the list of highest grossing concert tours so far by some of the biggest artists in the world, according to Latinometrics.

Top 10 highest grossing music tours 2022

1. Bad Bunny

$120.1 million

2. Genesis

$72 million

3. Elton John

$70 million

4. BTS

$69.3 million

5. Morgan Wallen

$58.3 million

6. Eric Church

$56.3 million

7. The Eagles

$55 million

8. John Mayer

$51.8 million

9. Coldplay

$44.7 million

10. Garth Brooks

$44.3 million

Bad Bunny is the artist who has earned the most from touring so far in 2022 – making just over $120.1 million. That’s well above Genesis, who made $72 million from their farewell tour.

The rest of the top ten is a mixture of older, catalogue artists and newer artists like BTS at number four. One thing the top ten have in common: they’re all male artists.

Image Credit: Latinometrics

As an artist, playing shows and touring makes up a large part of your income – that’s why pandemic venue closures had such a detrimental effect on artists. Artists turned to live streaming to recreate that in person connection with fans, monetising remote shows where they could.

But there’s no substitute for performing in front of a crowd. You can check out our tips for how to book gigs here:

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