We’ve finally come to the point in technology where we will be showering under internet connected speakers and now we need to ask do we really want this?

As we continue to pad our homes out with more and more Smart technology. Kitchens are getting ‘Smart’ with AI-powered fridges, Wi-Fi connected washing machines, smartphone operated ovens to name but a few of the sci-fi appliances now part of our reality.

Kohler had some of the most surprising announcements at this year’s CES show. There’s the toilet that lights up in any colour you want and plays music out of in-built speakers. Then there’s the shower-head that not only sprays water but also plays music and connects to the internet and listens to your voice.

The ‘Moxie’ speaker features a built-in Smart speaker with an Amazon Alexa-powered voice assistant. It can be purchased as a full set with the shower-head or can be purchased and docked magnetically to your existing shower. The speaker has been specially tuned so that the sound can cut through the noise of the shower.

Using tactile controls and wireless charging it is simple to use even when fully drenched. They assure it’s totally waterproof with an IPX67 and the wireless charging should help abate most of the fears of shooting water through an electronic device onto your body!

Kohler’s touchless ‘Setra’ faucet for messy hands

Other devices revealed by Kohler show their push to transform entire houses into internet connected hubs appliance by appliance. A Wi-Fi connected water purifier is in the pipeline and another shower device will let its owners control their showers with the push of a button.

A touch-less kitchen faucet will help people getting their hands dirty prepping meals to keep their sinks clean. Oh, and did we mention an internet connected toilet with LED lighting, built-in speakers and a touchless flush? We did? Well, it bears repeating.

Kohler’s illuminated ‘Numi 2.0’ toilet