There are dozens of music distribution services to choose from. Only RouteNote offers all the best features at an unbeatable price.

Some offer limited stores, some offer limited features, some are too complex, some are too slow. RouteNote offers the best selections of stores and features, with a simple interface and speedy moderation times, plus a free options perfect for artists just starting out.

Regardless of whether you’re on our Free or Premium Distribution model, we can send your music to all of the same stores and streaming services. These include Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, TIDAL and many more, as well as monetization on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud and TikTok.

Getting your music on all of the top stores and streaming services around the world couldn’t be easier. Simple upload your music to RouteNote, pick the stores, streaming services, social media platforms and countries you want your music to appear in, then choose Free Distribution or Premium Distribution. Free Distribution costs absolutely nothing, while you keep 85% of the revenue generated from your release. Premium Distribution costs a small fee, while you keep 100% of the revenue generated from your release. Tier choice is on a release-by-release basis and you can switch tier for each release at any point.

Once you’ve finalised your release, it’ll be sent to our moderation team. They’ll take a listen to your release and all being good, approve your release. We aim for this to happen within 72 hours, but this can extend in busy periods. Soon after, your release will start popping up in stores.

What are you waiting for, head to RouteNote today to get started.