Image credit: KVR Audio

Hip hop producers in particular love to feature vocal adlibs in their music. There is something to be said for the vintage feel that vocals can acquire when they sound like they’re coming through a telephone, right?

Well, we have some good news for you. Talkie Box 3 allows you to feature speech or vocal samples that emulate the sound of walkie talkies, telephones, and radios!

Digital Brain Instruments Talkie Box 3

Talkie Box 3 by Digital Brain Instruments is a stand-alone app rather than a plugin. But you can use it in post-production or real-time for awesome vocal effects and make any voice sound as if it’s coming through a walkie-talkie, radio, or telephone!

Digital Brain Instruments Talk Box 3 applies low definition effects and background noise to your vocals. Indeed, you can edit speech or vocals in real-time or recordings in WAV, AIFF, and MP3 file formats. Rather than apply frequency filtering alone, Talkie Box 3 applies additional effects and sounds too. Made up of a Noise Engine, Radio Emulator, and Telephone Emulator, its interface presents easy to use controls.

The walkie-talkie engine presents distortion, resonance, and bandstop effects. On the other hand, the radio section allows you to adjust the bandwidth of your signal. And you can generate custom background noise in the noise engine! Fine-tuning controls to blend between the outputs of the different sections.

Additionally, the noise engine allows you to generate radio interference too. Here, you can adjust the frequency modulation from an X/Y pad!

Master Rack presents 4 slots for third party plugins too! This is a major selling point for Talkie Box 3. As a result, you can insert up to four plugins and create intuitively custom vocal effects. Additionally, an integrated 3-band parametric EQ allows you to adjust the output of Talkie Box, as well as high and low-pass filters, and a bit-crusher – just for good measure.

On top of these awesome tools is the opportunity for multitrack recording. You can record directly into the software and send your signal to the individual outputs – radio; telephone; noise engines; as well as voice lab and master sections all at once!

Talkie Box 3 Price & Compatibility

You can grab Talkie Box 3 for $69 right now. It’s compatible with macOS 10.11.6 + (Apple Silicon not natively supported), and Windows 7+.