RouteNote Troubleshooters: I haven’t been paid yet

It’s the 15th of the month and I haven’t received my earnings for my music yet. Is there a problem?

We upload your statistics and distribute your earnings from all the stores and services where you have put your music 45 days after the end of each month. So for example any money your music earns in September you will receive on November the 15th and not before.
Sometimes this can be delayed for a number of reasons until the 20th of a month, so if you haven’t received them on the 15th they may still be on the way! Whilst we will upload your statistics for you to look over no matter what, we won’t send your earnings until you reach our $50 threshold. This is to reduce the charges that PayPal takes and ensure you make the most out of your earnings.
You must have added a valid PayPal email address to your account on for us to be able to send the money to you.

If you still haven’t received your earnings after the 20th and you have reached the $50 threshold please create a ticket or send an email to and our team will ensure that you receive your money.

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    We had 12,634 streams on Spotify for the month of December…. looking at our earning on Route Note we see that we earned $23.78 from the streams… which is roughly .001 cents per stream… now… According to Spotify they are paying out between .003 and .005 cents per stream…. (Soundcloud tells me they pay out on average of .004 cents per stream but can be as low as .003 and as high as .005) So even if some of the streams listed were from Soundcloud the earnings should still be significantly higher…. where is the 2/3 of royalties we are missing?? Is this something Routenote keeps?

    Hi Joe, if you’ve distributed your music on our Free tier then you will keep 85% of your streaming revenues. If you’d like to get in touch at we can help you take a look at your earnings if they seem inaccurate.

    Hey, RouteNote, Why I have not to get paid to my bank address until now?
    I have been waiting since 15th April!, and today is 21th!?
    I wanna tell you a private thing! My Mom is sick and I have no money yet to buy drags for her?!
    Is this making any sense for you? to transfer our money?
    I don’t know if transferring to banks takes too long?
    Please and please reach me back.

    My bro ezy gained a total of 5000 streams in July and you guys only took note of 216 how is this possible I think you guys should analyze his streams

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