Facebook buys studio behind Roblox-style games platform Crayta

What does Facebook Gaming’s purchase of game creation platform Crayta have to do with the music industry? Roblox’s use of music could offer a clue.

Facebook takes on Twitch with 100% subscription money deal

Facebook offers streamers using its platform 100% subscription fee revenue to lure streamers and viewers away from Twitch.

Facebook announce new Social Audio Experiences to compete with Clubhouse

Facebook detail new audio features such as Soundbites, podcasts on Facebook and Live Audio Rooms – a direct competitor to Clubhouse.

Facebook may announce new features to rival Clubhouse

Later today, Facebook are thought to be announcing new features and expand existing features all under the category of ‘Social Audio’.

Facebook launches new BARS app for making and sharing your own raps

TikTok for rappers? New BARS app lets aspiring rappers create 60-second videos over professional beats.

Beat Saber has sold over 4 million copies of the VR music game, plus over 40 million songs from DLCs

Facebook revealed that VR rhythm video game Beat Saber had sold over 4 million copies and over 40 million songs from paid DLCs.

Facebook launch a new video testing tool in the Creator Studio

The free tool aims to help creators who are split on how to best publish their video to reach the maximum number of followers. Facebook’s Creator Studio works in much the same way as YouTube…

Facebook’s livestreams can now be ticketed events so creators can earn

With more creators and events organisers turning to live streams this year than ever, Facebook adds purchasable tickets for audiences. Facebook have added an option for people putting on livestreams on their platform to add…

Facebook launches Music Videos this weekend, connecting artists and fans like never before

Facebook is getting music videos this weekend so that social media users can listen to the latest from their favourite artists in their news feed and discover what their friends are listening to. Facebook has…

Snapchat are adding music to Snaps making it a true Instagram and TikTok competitor

The new Snapchat feature allows you to add music before or after snapping, with licenses signed with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group. Snap announced they are working on the feature and have licenses…