The new floor lamp joins Sonos and IKEA’s range of SYMFONISK WiFi speakers, including the table lamp, picture frame and bookshelf.

Sonos and IKEA have been partnered for a few years now, releasing their first speaker lamp back in 2019. The collaboration integrates Sonos’ sound expertise into IKEA’s furniture. The two companies have released several updates and iterations over the years, including a picture frame.

The latest update to the SYMFONISK range introduces a floor lamp speaker. Essentially a SYMFONISK table lamp on a tripod, with a circular base, the new speaker is very similar in design to past speakers, allowing it to nicely blend into your existing setup. The elevated speaker comes with a bamboo shade and can be personalised through different lamp shades bought separately.

As with past SYMFONISK products, the speaker connects over WiFi for a seamless, wireless experience, enabling easy pairing with any other SYMFONISK products and Sonos speakers. The new floor lamp speakers are a great height to use as rear speakers for a home theatre setup. The speaker can also be added to the IKEA Home smart app, to connect it with other smart devices.

We have learnt a great deal about how people want to furnish with light and sound. We also know that many people want to have several light sources on different levels and parts of the room to create the right mood. The challenge of not having enough room for a table to put the lamp on led us to create the floor lamp. Since the launch of the first SYMFONISK speaker, we have built on our learnings to create a great sounding, great looking piece of furniture that brings the worlds of home furnishing and sound closer together than ever.

Stjepan Begic, Range Design Leader, IKEA of Sweden

The SYMFONISK floor lamp speaker is a great example of how our collaboration continues to challenge the traditional idea of sound in the home. We created the floor lamp speaker to sound great on its own but also to be versatile. It works seamlessly with all our Sonos speakers and is a great option for those who are looking to add rear speakers to their home theatre set-up, when paired with our soundbars such as Ray and Beam.

Sara Lincoln, Principal Product Manager, Sonos

Unfortunately the raised speaker does come at a premium. The floor lamp is the most expensive SYMFONISK in the line up at $259.99. Table lamps currently sell in IKEA for $174.99 – $179.99, depending on the lamp shade. The new floor lamp will be available in all IKEA markets starting January 2023. Find the full line up here.