Sonos helped to blaze the trail of ‘Home’ speakers that are like part of the furniture, and now they are lamps.

Sonos and Ikea announced last year that they were combining the forces of music and furniture. We’re seeing that come to fruition in the shape of Sonos’ bizarre new lamp / speaker hybrid which will illuminate rooms with both light and sound.

SYMFONISK is the name of Ikea’s new range of WiFi speakers that have the task of being both furniture and quality home speakers. The bookshelf speaker has been meticulously designed to look good as a lamp, whilst retain the best possible quality in it’s speaker all at an affordable price.

According to Sonos they experimented with hundreds of different fabrics to find the perfect cover for design and sound. Sonos’ Audio Technology Product Manager, Hilmar Lehnert said: “I’ve learnt more about knitting than I was ever planning to, but it was fascinating.”

He continues: “What types of thread you use, thread patterns, thread tensions, breadth, cleft. That all needs to be understood – what they can do and what they can’t do, what affects the sound.”

Sonos’ Senior Product Manager, Sara Morris explained the SYMFONISK range, saying: “You can have your art. You can have your carpets. And you can put your own spin on the way your house sounds. People can come over and you can show them, audibly, ‘This is who I am.'”