Image Credit: IKEA

Sonos and IKEA’s updated SYMFONISK WiFi speaker table lamp is now customizable, coming in two parts: the lamp base and lamp shade.

SYMFONISK is the collaboration between American multi-room audio experts Sonos and Swedish home furniture conglomerate IKEA. By hiding Sonos’ WiFi speakers in IKEA furniture and art, SYMFONISK hopes to fill your home with sound, through tech that blends into the room. These products include a table lamp and bookshelf speaker that launched in 2019, as well as their latest addition, the picture frame that launched in July.

The previous SYMFONISK table lamp sounded comparible to the Sonos One. The new model includes a new acoustic architecture and custom waveguide, similar to the picture frame. IKEA says this provides optimized acoustics that fill a room, no matter where you place it or the angle you sit.

The stand out difference between the last model and this is the new customizable design. The new SYMFONISK table lamp now comes in two parts: the lamp base with two colours, and the lamp shade in two colours and styles. The base, available in black or white, is slightly smaller than the previous model, with no bottom plate. The shade now comes in either black or white, textile or glass options. The new look is certainly unique, but may not fit in every room, depending on the aesthetic of your home.

Image Credit: Sonos

The removed bottom plate moves the primary controls up to the lamp itself. The added E26/E27 socket allows for a broader and brighter range of light bulbs. As with the last model, setup is managed through the Sonos app on mobile or tablet. Here you can connect to more than 100 streaming services or stream to the speaker via AirPlay 2. The speaker is treated as any other Sonos system, allowing for seamless pairing with other Sonos and SYMFONISK speakers in the house for multi-room audio, or pair it with another table lamp for a wider stereo experience.

The original table lamp was $179, before being raised recently to $189. The new lamp base is $140, the textile shade is $29, while the glass lampshade is $39. It will be available to purchase in store and online starting October 12th in North America and select markets in Europe. IKEA will introduce the updated table lamp in all IKEA markets next year. Check with your local IKEA for availability.

Since launching the first SYMFONISK table lamp speaker, we learned a lot about how and where they are being used. For example, a lot of people use the lamp speaker on a nightstand, which led us to create a new, slightly smaller lamp base. We’re now also offering customers more design choices, making the lamp speaker a better fit for their individual homes. By integrating a speaker into a table lamp, we can save space, decrease clutter, and create atmosphere with both light and sound.

Stjepan Begic, Product Owner, IKEA of Sweden

As people continue to invest in their spaces, they’re finding creative ways to showcase their personal style and sound has quickly become an important element for creating the right atmosphere. In addition to its smaller size and variety of design options, the new SYMFONISK table lamp speaker provides a wider and more room-filling sound, creating a great listening experience regardless of where you place it in your home.

Sara Morris, Principal Product Manager, Sonos