With over 5.3 million followers, Strange Fruits’ lo-fi playlist has more followers than any other non-Spotify playlist.

With a mixture of lofi, hip-hop, chill, tropical house, deep house and dance music, Strange Fruits, along with sub-labels Lofi Fruits and Ambient Fruits distribute their music through RouteNote. With organic growth over 3 to 4 years, the label is a demonstration of the importance of playlist placement and the power of independent music, free from major record companies.

Now with over 5.3 million followers, Strange Fruits’ playlist Lofi Fruits Music 🍉 lofi hip hop music to chill, relax, study, sleep recently over took Lofi Girl’s (formerly ChilledCow) lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to with a little under 5.3 million followers. This gives Strange Fruits the most followed non-editorial playlist on Spotify, ahead of all of those from major labels such as Filtr (Sony Music Entertainment), Digster.fm (Universal Music Group) and Topsify (Warner Music Group). As the fastest accelerating non-editorial playlist, with over 340k new followers per month, Strange Fruits should have problem keeping this top spot for months to come.


We recently reported that Strange Fruits held the top spot for more followed independent playlist curator. By regularly updating their 85 Spotify playlists, designed to suit various moods and activities, with new music from budding artists, Strange Fruits have managed to pull in over 9.6 million Spotify followers across their playlists. The independent label is third only to Spotify and Sony Music’s Filtr. Strange Fruits currently pull in almost 600k new followers per month across their playlists, an acceleration that could them take the top spot from Filtr as the most popular non-editor playlist curator in no time.

Where independent labels can succeed over the likes of Sony, Universal and Warner, this shows a true shift in the music industry, benefitting the indies.

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