Electronic music label Strange Fruits are currently the most followed independent playlist curator on Spotify. Their most followed playlist looks set to soon take the top spot of most followed non-editorial playlist.

With easy tools for distribution, marketing and revenue payments, as with many other independent labels, Strange Fruits distributes their music through RouteNote. Under the umbrella of Strange Fruits are also sub-labels Lofi Fruits and Ambient Fruits, the three labels specialise in a mixture of lofi, hip-hop, chill, tropical house, deep house and dance music. With playlists regularly updated, it’s not wonder they’re so popular among listeners

Strange Fruits currently host 70 playlists, which have pulled in a total of over 7.8 million followers on Spotify alone. This places Strange Fruits as the third most popular playlist curator on Spotify after Spotify themselves and Filtr, which is owned by Sony Music Entertainment. Not only does this make Strange Fruits the most popular independent playlist curator on Spotify, but growing at a rate of around 8% over the last 28 days, pulling in over 500k new followers across playlists in that time, it’s a rate that could see Strange Fruits over take Filtr in the future.

We recently published an article running down the most followed non-editorial playlists from major labels and indepedent curators on Spotify. At over 4.2 million followers, Strange Fruits’ playlist ‘Lofi Fruits Music 🍉 lofi hip hop music to chill, relax, study, sleep’ currently sits closely behind the most followed non-editorial playlist lofi hip hop music – beats to relax/study to from ChilledCow with over 4.7 million followers. This places these two playlists from independent curators above all playlists from major labels such as Sony Music Entertainment (Filtr), Universal Music Group (Digster.fm) and Warner Music Group (Topsify). Strange Fruits top playlist is currently showing a growth rate of 11% over the last 28 days, with over 400k fresh followers in that time. If this pace continues, Strange Fruits could well take the top spot from ChilledCow in a couple of months. This growth is not only faster than ChilledCow, but is actually significantly faster than any other playlist in Spotify’s top 50 most followed playlists including all of their own editoral playlists.

Alongside their own playlists, artists published to Strange Fruits, Lofi Fruits and Ambient Fruits often appear in Spotify’s own editorial playlists.

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