Spotify have teamed up with Steve Aoki and Gatorade to create personalised playlists that “give athletes an extra boost in their workouts to help them stay motivated”.

The newest feature from Spotify aims to give you your own personal playlist, curated to give you the best results and keep you motivated. With ‘Gatorade Amplify’ each playlist created is designed to match the intensity and duration of your workout with crossfading between the various intervals of your workout.

The new web-based application was created by Spotify in partnership with Gatorade and Steve Aoki to create the perfect blend of a workout regimen and the motivational, focussing power of music. Through the app you can create 3 different personalised playlists based on the type of workout regimen you’re after:

  1. High-Intensity Workout
  2. Interval Training
  3. The Steve Aoki Experience – the ultimate energy mix, executive-produced by Steve Aoki featuring artists from Dim Mak Records.

To help decide what tracks should be used in playlists Spotify and Gatorade worked with The Sync Project, a research company, to determine acoustic and BPM trends by analysing popular workout playlists and songs. Based off of this information Spotify reckon that they are able to create the best playlists to motivate you to workout to the best of your ability. The playlists will also refresh each week so you always have a fresh soundtrack to get pumping to.

Workout playlists are one of Spotify’s most popular playlist types with almost 300 million minutes worth of workout playlists streamed every month.

Get started with Gatorade Amplify now by heading here: