Steinberg release Cubasis 2, their best mobile music app yet

Steinberg have released a sequel to the mobile version of their famous DAW Cubase, with Cubase 2 setting a new standard in mobile DAWs and music production.

Steinberg, creators of famed music production software Cubase used by producers and artists around the world, have released the second iteration of the popular mobile equivalent – Cubasis. Their new mobile app is available as a free update for existing Cubasis users.

Cubasis 2 will look familiar to most who’ve had the pleasure of using Steinberg’s music software before, but don’t let the looks fool you as there is a whole range of new features and capabilities in their new mobile app. Making use of the Apple iPad’s power and unique controls Steinberg have created an unparalleled DAW for mobile.

Cubasis 2 features an updated interface that enhances the experience with a streamlined design that makes it easier than ever to record, edit, mix and play any projects, which can now be transferred to Cubase so you can extend projects on PC or just edit it deeper. With new real-time stretching capabilities you can easily match loops and samples into your mixes either manually or using zplane’s élastique 3. With just the tap of a finger you can match the tempo of any loops of your own or from Cubasis’ deep library of rich sounding loops.

Cubasis also introduces the ability to tweak your pitch at any time, for one track or the whole song you have the power to create music exactly how you want. Cubasis 2 adds a high-end channel strip that offers up studio-quality effects for each channel like compressors and a tape/tube saturator.

mobile daw steinberg cubase cubasis music production app applicationA newly included plugin, Spin FX, allows you to choose from a wide variety of DJ-like style breaks, tape stops, stutters and filter effects to tweak and mash-up individual tracks or even complete songs. Cubasis 2 also sees giant upgrade to their critically acclaimed virtual analog synth, Micrologue, which has been updated with over 75 new presets which Steinberg say are “boundary-pushing and modern sounds putting massive basses, atmospheric pads and stings, razor-sharp leads, evolving SFX/MFX and much more jewelry right in your toolbox”.

cubase steinberg cubasis app iOS Apple application Also new are MicroSonic TAPE instruments which attempts to recreate the “trademark sound of one of the most famous British rockbands of the ’60s and adds extra sparkle plus that timeless classic vintage vibe for all kinds of musical genres. Last but not least is integrated auto-quantize for midi so you sync your tracks up as you record them.

This is the majority of what’s new in Cubasis 2 adding on to the original Cubasis’ great app, offering:

  • Unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks
  • 24 assignable physical inputs and outputs
  • 32-bit floating point audio engine
  • Audio I/O resolution of up to 24-bit/96 kHz
  • iOS 32- and 64-bit support
  • Real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting featuring zplane’s
  • élastique 3
  •  Micrologue virtual analog synthesizer with 126 ready-to-go presets
  •  MicroSonic with over 120 virtual instrument sounds based on HALion Sonic, HALiotron and Allen Morgan drum kits
  • MiniSampler to create your own instruments (includes 20 factory instruments)
  • Mixer with studio-grade channel strip per track and 16 effect processors
  • Fully automatable DJ-like Spin FX effect plug-in
  •  Over 550 MIDI and time-stretch-capable audio loops
  • Virtual keyboard, chord and drum pads
  • Sample Editor and Key Editor with MIDI CC support
  • MIDI Auto Quantize
  • Automation, MIDI CC, program change and aftertouch support
  • Export to Cubase, iCloud Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy and email
  • Core Audio and Core MIDI compatible hardware supported
  • MIDI over Bluetooth LE support
  • Full Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support to use compatible apps as insert/send effects and virtual instruments or simply record their audio output
  • Import audio from your iTunes music library or iCloud Drive or iTunes file sharing, use AudioPaste or set up a Wi-Fi server in Cubasis
  • Audio mixdown and MIDI export
  • MIDI clock and MIDI thru support

Cubasis 2 is available free for existing Cubasis users on Apple iPad’s with iOS 10 or higher. It is $49.99 for new users from the Apple App Store here.

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