Recent updates to Spotify’s web app means it will no longer play in Safari browsers, coincidentally made by rival Apple Music’s parent Apple.

Bad luck to those of you who like streaming music from your web browser if it happens to be Safari, and your service of choice is Spotify. Updates made in recent weeks to Spotify’s web player have removed it’s compatibility with Apple’s Safari browser meaning you can no longer stream music from Spotify from a web page in Safari.

It was noticed earlier this week by Spotify users when they attempted to access Spotify via Safari and were shown a message saying that it is no longer compatible. The message also reportedly directed them to download Spotify’s desktop app or to download and use another browser. Additionally the system requirements section on Spotify’s site has removed Safari leaving Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera as listed, supported browsers so it was definitely intentional, or at least known, that Safari doesn’t support Spotify now.

Following inquisitive forum users a representative on Spotify’s forum confirmed the move, saying: “After recent updates, Safari is no longer a supporter browser for web player.” Spotify haven’t confirmed that this is a permanent move but they also wouldn’t say “if or when any specific features will be back.”

Whilst it’s easy to assume this may be some form of petty rivalry against one of Spotify’s largest threats, Apple Music – obviously owned by Apple, this is unlikely. For a start it would impact on their user-ship, no matter how minutely, by taking away a platform that isn’t inherently involved with Apple Music. Mac Generation, a french site covering Apple, say that it could be due to one of Spotify’s plugin that isn’t supported by Safari.