Spotify Update Their Artist Verification Process

Spotify Artists

Spotify’s ‘Verified Artists’ work in the same way as the little blue ticks found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, indicating the profile is linked to the original artist, allowing you to find genuine users quickly and easily.

For artists big or small, wanting to gain a following with their music on Spotify, new rules allow them to easily get the blue tick.

A minimum of 250 followers is required, to ensure you have a small fan base before getting verified. By keeping this low, it allow budding musicians to further gain their audience.
If you haven’t hit 250 followers yet, Spotify have a number of pages dedicated to showing how to build your audience base.

Spotify Artists Best Practices
Using the Spotify Follow Button
Sharing on Spotify

Spotify also require all current and new verified artists to update their avatar image, to meet the Spotify standards on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

For full info and anyone interesting in updating their profile and becoming verified, be sure to check the Spotify Artists site here.

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