Spotify are looking to drive support for local venues and send listeners to more gigs with Resident Advisors help.

Spotify are one of the largest digital music platforms in the world and Resident Advisor are “the largest global platform for independent music scenes”. Together in a new partnership they’re looking to connect Spotify listeners directly with gigs they’ll be interested in.

The partnership will see Resident Advisor’s access to local gigs and venues to provide even more access to events through Spotify’s concert section for artists. Resident Advisor claim to list more venues in cities than any other platform.

Resident Advisor cofounder, Nick Sabine says: “The vitality of local scenes is essential for the sustainability and creativity of the global electronic music community. Our collaboration with Spotify is a brilliant evolution of the work we have been doing for almost two decades to support the work of the independent artists, venues and promoters which act as the pillars of those scenes.”

Resident Advisor have been an online music magazine specialising in the electronic scene since 2001. They have built their platform up to become one of the most influential publishers on electronic music in the world with over 5 million readers a month. They claim to play “an indispensable role in supporting the electronic music industry worldwide”.

Resident Advisor sell millions of tickets a year to clubs and concerts around the world from small underground venues to major festivals. Spotify listeners will now be able to find local events from artists they love promoted in the app.