Spotify have enlisted a long-standing staple of LA’s famous radio station to lead their original programming for North America. 

Dubbed by some as a ‘radio legend’ Kevin Weatherly has certainly had his impact on one of Los Angeles’ biggest alternative radio stations. Weatherall has joined Spotify after 28 years at KROQ as a director of programmes.

He joined the radio station in the early 90s and saw the station through the alternative rock heyday of that decade. The station is now known around the world and has certainly cemented itself as a favourite in LA.

Weatherly has joined Spotify’s editorial team with the music streaming company confirming his role as their new head of North American programming. It’s not clear what that will entail but with Spotify’s increasing focus on podcasts, Weatherly is well tuned to balance great music and talk-based content on their platform.

Spotify have another fresh face in their editorial team after Rachel Whitney left YouTube to head up their editorial role for Nashville last week.