As the China-born virus spreads around the world it’s starting to make an impact on events and could be damning as festival season approaches.

The Coronavirus has become an international discussion as it hops from country to country with an unfortunate trail of deaths. The contagious virus is now beginning to impact events and conferences, particularly ones that involve large gatherings of people.

Ultra Music Festival today announced that they have cancelled their annual event amidst fears of spreading the Coronavirus. 165,000 people were set to attend the event from around the world. Whilst it’s an upsetting cancellation, it would make the perfect breeding ground for a giant spread of the deadly virus.

Miami’s Commissioner Joe Carollo said: “We’re saying suspend it to a later date when we’ll have a better idea of where heading with the coronavirus. I can tell you that just in the last 24 hours, I have received countless emails and messages of all kinds urging the city to act.”

It’s not the first major music event to be cancelled and it is unfortunately unlikely to be the last. The big festival SXSW has already been cancelled and South Korean group BTS amongst others have cancelled their tour plans.

This week a Coronavirus patient in New Hampshire completely ignored rules of isolation by going to a social event at Dartmouth Business School. To make matters even more unfortunate the man, who has now been officially ordered to isolate himself, was a hospital employee! He should have known better.

If you’re planning to go to any events where there will be lots of people, particularly from abroad, then be careful. Remember the rules; wash your hands with soap and warm water for 2 sings of Happy Birthday. And most importantly, listen to healthcare professionals if they tell you quarantine yourself!