You don’t have to pay to stream all of your favourite tunes through WiFi speakers on Spotify Connect anymore as they open it up to beyond Premium users.

Spotify have opened up their Connect platform to everyone so that wireless speakers that work with Spotify Connect can be streamed through regardless of a Spotify subscription. Until now only Premium subscribers have been able to use Spotify Connect to stream from their 40+ million track catalogue through Connect enabled speakers. Now free listeners can stream to their hearts content just the same.

It was possible to listen to Spotify through wireless speakers before but only using a Bluetooth connection and not connecting directly using WiFi, which provides a much more reliable connection.  The ultimate Spotify experience is still undoubtedly on Premium but their free offering still makes up the majority of their users, although this divide is getting narrower and narrower as Spotify double down on converting users to paid subscriptions.

Free listeners can now stream through speakers to their hearts content but they will still be restricted to what they can listen to. Free users can play 15 auto-generated playlists freely but have to shuffle any artists or other playlists they want to listen to and are limited to a certain number of skips. Of course there will be ads played after every few tracks as well, which is how Spotify manage to generate revenue when people listen to music on their platform for free.

Spotify Premium also offers better audio streaming quality so if you’ve splashed your cash to get a quality speaker then it’s worth paying for a Premium subscription so that you can stream unlimited music at a quality your ears deserve. After all, it’s not just a better experience; Spotify Premium allows artists to be paid more and it’s only $9.99/£9.99 a month!